Brushing routine

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate habits and routines and start the year off right. How does tooth brushing fit in to your family routine? I know for some of us, brushing your child’s teeth probably does not fall into the most fun thing I did today category. While it does not have to be the most fun part of your day, there are some things you can do to minimize the battle or make it a little more pleasant, while still accomplishing the goal of clean healthy teeth for healthy smiles! When it comes to evening brushing and bedtime routine, bedtime stalling can quickly turn into tooth brushing nightmares! If this sounds like you, try brushing teeth earlier in the evening. It does not have to happen at bedtime, just after the last food or drinks (besides water) for the evening. You could try brushing after dinner, or before bath time for sweet dreams and less battle! Ever forget to brush your kids’ teeth in the morning? Or run out of time before rushing out the door? Set the tooth brushes out with toothpaste on them the night before to help remember. You’ve probably noticed that kids remember everything, so ask your child to be the one to remind you to floss their teeth daily. They will take pride in being the one to remind you everyday and make sure it happens. Another way to bring some fun to tooth brushing is to use an app. There are lots of apps with timers, or music to help make it more fun and exciting. Some of our favorites are listed here.

  • Disney Magic Timer
  • Brush DJ
  • Tooth Savers
  • Chompers Podcast

Bottom line, make brushing teeth a fun part of your routine, and not something you dread!