Tonsil time

Out of sight out of mind, right? Wrong! While tonsil tissue is hidden away in the back of the throat, tonsils have been found to play an important role in various development during childhood. Tonsils may be small in size, but they play a big role in a person’s body and overall health. Tonsils serve as the body’s first line of defense against ingested bacteria and viruses. While this is usually helpful, sometimes tonsil tissue can swell, leading to unwanted side effects in children such as lack of sleep, behavior problems, and mouth breathing.

So what do tonsils have to do with pediatric dentistry? Based on recent findings, Norman Pediatric Dentistry has made it part of our procedural protocol to check every child we see for any signs of tonsil swelling. While most parents may associate this check-up with their primary care pediatrician, we believe we are able to get a better view of the child’s tonsils because they are already lying down during their cleanings. We also get to see your child every six months and have the ability to notice any changes with these more frequent visits. If we do happen to notice any swelling, rest assured, that we will let the parents or guardians, know right away. If there is a need, we have a list of ear, nose and throat doctors, as well as primary care pediatricians, that we trust and can refer you to.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask during your child’s next appointment!