Tooth decay in baby teeth

What causes tooth decay?

Bacteria and acid. Yes that is right, bacteria in the mouth can alter the sugar in food and drink into an acid that attacks the teeth. Acid can attack the teeth for over twenty minutes, and over time this can cause tooth decay and a cavity can form.

How does tooth decay affect baby teeth?

Tooth decay occurs when a child’s baby teeth are exposed and in contact with sugary foods and drinks for long periods of time. This could be due to lack of brushing and cleaning teeth regularly and also could be due to a child being given lots of sugary foods and beverages like juice and soda.

A lot of people are surprised to realize that tooth decay can begin as early as when a baby’s first tooth comes in. Tooth decay in babies or children can cause pain in the gums and teeth and can even spread an infection. Tooth decay must be treated or it could destroy the baby teeth.

Tooth decay could affect the child’s overall health as well. If the child has pain in the teeth and gums it could affect their eating habits, and they may begin to not get enough of the vitamins and minerals they need to be healthy and grow up healthy.

If primary (baby) teeth are healthy then it is more likely that the secondary (adult) teeth will also be healthy. Children with decay in the baby teeth are more likely to have decay in their adult teeth as well.