Dental emergencies

Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek

If there is bleeding, use firm but gentle pressure applied with a clean gauze or cloth. After 15 minutes, if bleeding persists and cannot be controlled with pressure, then take the child to the hospital emergency room. For any bruising apply ice.

Knocked out Permanent Tooth

First, if possible, find the tooth. Only handle the top of the crown, DO NOT handle the root portion of the tooth. You can rinse the tooth in milk if needed, but DO NOT clean or handle the tooth unnecessarily. Next, try to reinsert the tooth into the tooth socket. If you can do this, then have the child keep the tooth firmly in place by biting down on a clean cloth or gauze. If you are unsuccessful at reinserting the tooth, then put the tooth in a cup of cold milk for transport and come see us IMMEDIATELY, so we can try and save the tooth.

Knocked out Baby Tooth

Contact us and let us know. Unlike the adult tooth, you do not need to reinsert the baby tooth, because this could cause potential damage to the permanent tooth. In most cases there is no treatment necessary.


Always clean thoroughly the area around the problem tooth. Then rinse the mouth with warm saltwater as vigorously as you can. Sometimes you may need to use floss to dislodge any food that might be trapped. You can give ibuprofen for the pain, and use ice or a cold compress for any facial swelling, but DO NOT use heat or aspirin on the gum or aching tooth. See us as soon as possible.

Broken Tooth

Locate and save any tooth fragments you can. Rinse the injured area and tooth with warm water. Use ice or a cold compress on the face in the area of injury and come see us immediately.